Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I haven't forgot

Im making a toddler blanket right now and since I work 12 hour days ya all know how long that is going to take. Im able to do about 2 squares a day since yes Im making a block blankie. Big squares mind you . When I get most of them done I'll take a picture of that. Nice and colorful it is becoming ...using about 5 to 6 colors. When I get to that point where Im working less days this blog will pick up. Hopefully that will be soon.

Monday, May 21, 2012

No pics but working

Ive been a very busy girl! Ive been crocheting this lovely baby blanket with granny squares and a nice little surprise. When it is done I'll post some pictures. I really wanted this blog to be the expression of my love of yarn but that hasn't been happening has it. So I am making a pledge of being coming on to my blog at least once a week eh shouldn't be too hard. So until next week with more news.......see ya!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doing a few things

I got a few projects under the crochet hooks and haven't finish them all. Will be getting them on board hopefully in a week. I have been going crochet flower crazy. The roses I am dying for. I found so many patterns I don't know which one I like best, For now this pattern I love. they are small cute and sooo easy to make. Good eye candy. Now this isn't my pattern. It belongs to http://crochetncrafts.com/crochet/mini-rose-hair-clip.html
I love these simple little roses in a bunch somewhere. Anywhere.

Monday, January 9, 2012

LOL I finally got a couple!!

Yeah its the love my life crocheting and yet with 12 hours day it is hard to do even a few things. So today Im so delighted I got 2 items on Etsy!!!! Of course more to come. These are what I put on. Let me know if you see need in improvement for the lay out. So new to this. I had so much fun making them because I used no pattern. One is pouch. I make them all the time. I use them for my body hearing aids but there good for cell phones and iPod too. I always clip my reading glasses to them. of course you know what the second item is. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Jet fan

I made this cute hat for a friend of mine. As you can see he is a Jets fan. Its for his niece who is at the tender age of 1 year old. I tried to make it as girly as I could. If it was up to him he would have a beanie with just 2 shoelaces. LOL No really he is a great guy just funny like that. I followed a pattern on most of the hat but I liked the braid tie look so I added that. The 1st pic shows with out the little flower I added. 2nd pic shows it. I was really surprised I was able to make it look like a girls hat because of the dark green color but I think it looks great. The mittens are a surprise too since I never crocheted mittens. Very fun project. Now I am off on another one. I didn't use any special yarn for this. I used Vannas White for this project. The pictures could be a little better but my friend wanted it today because big sis is leaving town on Friday. On top of that it was raining all day here. So I had to use my phone camera.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taking this blog and ...going another way

Thanks Dragonfly for being my 1st follower. She has a lovely blog full of paintings I just adore on her little sanitiee.
It seems that the partner I thought I had is not what its all cracked up to be. So I asked him for yarn that needs to be ordered in Peru. He has not even asked then yet . Not happy. I think for now I will stick with the yarn I use because I really can't stand not crocheting. You crocheters and knitters know what I mean. Its like having itchy fingers. They need to move. And this blog needs to move on...Pronto.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Where getting there I swear!

Soon to come. Just simple crocheted hats and gloves for the whole family and little surprises. This has been harder to set up then I thought, Whew...slowly we are trying to find a medium for this blog. Should we or can we set up other sites with free crochet patterns in one spot? Things of that sort.Hopefully we will figure that out soon.